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At 15, I realized that sending thoughts through a pen's business end felt pretty damn good. That year, I cold-called author Dean Koontz for writing advice—and actually got some. (Go to school, then unlearn everything they teach you, he said.)

It took longer than I liked to make a living by writing—we all make dumb choices in college, right?—but I've now been at it nearly a dozen years. I've split that time between marketing and UX/UI copywriting, excelling at everything from microcopy to product naming to TV-spot scripts to multi-platform campaigns. I've gone it alone, worked on in-house teams, and led a cadre of creatives at an agency. Collaborated in waterfall and agile environments. Lead brainstorms and participated in Design Thinking and done countless hours of regular old writerly thinking. 

I've been called "The Copywrangler." Been anointed "Father Voice." Been the creator, and teacher, of brands' voices.

I've also written screenplays, real estate listings, short stories, lots of web pieces about grunge bands, magazine and newspaper articles (about grunge bands), legalese, B2B, PR, poetry, tweets, you name it. For fun, for money, for my mom. My employers and clients have been thrilled. My mom's been proud.

But I'm not just a wordsmith; I'm also a family man. My six-year-old son's becoming an avid reader and, like me, a serious Dodgers fan. (He also helps me up my bedtime-story game.) My gracious wife doubles as my editor and voice of reason, helping me sharpen freelance pieces and polish my first novel. I'm a lucky family man, at that.

Yep, diction is what I do. I have a keen instinct for the right words, and an eye for complementary design. 

Check out my resume (PDF) and LinkedIn profile for brass tacks. Or click below if you'd like to have a word.