Copy by Clint


Writing About Legends (Sort of) Writing About Me

A couple of months ago, I decided I wanted to write a piece on Matt Vaughan, owner of Seattle's Easy Street Records. I felt I had to share how he's a legend in the local music community and one of a handful of people responsible for Record Store Day—and, because of that, responsible for the resurgence of vinyl records. Thankfully, Matt was up for it and Northwest Music Scene agreed to publish the story. So I had the honor of hanging out with the man in his shop, the site of so much history that's precious to this music nerd. It was the best kind of surreal.

The story—"Thank Easy Street Records' Matt Vaughan When You Spin the Black Circle"—quickly got a lot of social love (even from Matt himself), which was nice. And then Pearl Jam tweeted a link to it, which was just plain effing awesome. (I've been a fan since high school. The piece's title is a nod to the band, if you didn't know.)

Color me grateful. And a little smarter. I learned that sometimes, when you chase down a writing idea, things can work out quite nicely. It's the little things; they can actually be huge.